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Many people seek teeth whitening treatments to rejuvenate the look of their teeth. Foods, beverages, and lifestyle affect the color of your dentition. To remove the stubborn stains, dentists use various technologies to whiten teeth. Maintaining the results of your teeth whitening treatment depends on how good your aftercare is. If you want to know the proper teeth whitening aftercare, here are the facts.

Saying no to colored foods and drinks

The first two days after the teeth whitening treatment are the most important. During these two days, the patient’s teeth are prone to blemishes. To prevent discoloration, patients should avoid eating staining foods and drinking colored beverages. Removing them from the grocery list can help. Indulging in these products could cause the teeth whitening treatment to fail.

Colored drinks can leave difficult stains on the teeth. Red wine, tea, and coffee are the usual culprits. The same happens with colored foods. Drinking water is a better, healthier option. Light-colored or even non-colored foods such as plain rice, unseasoned meat, steamed fish, or pears are good choices.

Keeping away from acidic foods

Sour foods and drinks like pickles, soda, and limes can leave stains and corrode the teeth. After a whitening treatment, the pores of the enamel open up and weaken. This makes teeth vulnerable to decay and stains after whitening. Eating or drinking acidic products can make the weakness worse.

Going to follow-up checks

This is a vital part of teeth whitening aftercare. When patients receive optimal dental care after the procedure, they can be sure to have any dental problems addressed right away. The dentist will examine the teeth to see if there is any damage from the teeth whitening procedure. It is better to be careful when it comes to the patient’s health and safety.

Using products that treat teeth sensitivity

A whitening treatment usually leaves the teeth sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. The patient can use a toothpaste that targets sensitivity. There is also a gel that the patient can apply to the teeth. This product can relieve discomfort after the patient completes the teeth whitening treatment.

Taking it slow

Some patients do not like the results of the teeth whitening treatment the first time. To get the whitest results, these patients want to go through another teeth whitening treatment right away. Dentists do not recommend doing this because the enamel will deteriorate. Patients should wait a while to maintain dental health.

Brushing with care

Teeth are extra-sensitive after a whitening treatment. Using soft bristles and gentle strokes can clean the teeth while preventing discomfort. Minding the brushing technique can also keep the whitening effects in place. Brushing too hard can strip away the whitening.

The effects of teeth whitening treatments can last longer with proper aftercare

Everyone wants a clean, white smile. To achieve this, dental patients choose to have teeth whitening treatments. After this process, you would want the effects to last. This is possible with proper aftercare. Following your dentist’s instructions in caring for your whitened teeth can prolong the results.

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