Why You Should Consider Metal Free Crowns

Metal Free Crowns Bellevue, WA

Dental crowns are a popular smile restoration option for damaged teeth. Metal free crowns are becoming more common in adult patients, as opposed to the earlier forms of this type of treatment that were reinforced with or made entirely from metal. Newer materials allow many patients to enjoy the perks of going metal free with their dental treatments.

The downsides of metal crowns

Metal crowns were used for hundreds of years due to their sturdiness. Even when porcelain became the new material of choice, dental professionals found that reinforcing the material with metal could help strengthen it for improved durability. Still, the presence of metal in dental crowns has its drawbacks.


Although tooth-colored crowns have a relatively natural appearance at first glance, those reinforced with stainless steel can be a little too visible. In the right light is possible to see the metal underneath the crown, which can be a downside when it comes to smile restorations. For this reason, crowns with any type of metal are typically placed toward the back of the mouth only.

Tooth sensitivity

Metal is an excellent temperature conductor, which can be a concern for many dental patients, especially those who already have sensitive teeth. When eating or drinking something that is very cold or very hot, the metal in the crown can cause extreme sensitivity issues. Patients who like to enjoy a steaming cup of coffee or a cold, frosty treat may find it difficult to do so with a metal crown.

Allergic reactions

Some people have allergic sensitivities to certain metals. Unfortunately, many dentists and patients are not aware of this issue until a metal dental appliance is in place and causes a reaction. This is especially true of products made with nickel or beryllium. Chronic gum inflammation is usually the first sign of this problem and typically requires a replacement to relieve symptoms.

The perks of metal free crowns

Porcelain has become the material of choice for many dental procedures, including metal free crowns and veneers. It is known for its ability to reflect light much like real teeth, which gives it a natural appearance. This allows dentists to place crowns in more locations throughout the mouth without having to sacrifice beauty. With proper care, porcelain crowns are very durable and can last for 10 years or more.

Ceramic crowns are another metal free option that allow some dentists to offer same-day treatment. This gives patients the ability to enjoy a full smile restoration without the need for a temporary crown and multiple office visits. It is important to note that metal crowns or reinforced crowns can still be beneficial, especially in pediatric patients. These are not intended to be a permanent solution but can offer sturdy protection until adult teeth come in.


Traditional metal and reinforced crowns have their place in general dentistry. However, many adult patients can benefit from choosing metal free crowns instead. Advances in dentistry allow patients to experience more natural-looking results that are as stronger and durable as ever without the use of unnecessary metals.

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