Why You May Need a Dental Crown Instead of a Filling

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Thinking of getting a dental crown? If a patient has tooth decay that has continued to form and has turned into a cavity, what procedures can fix this issue may differ greatly. Although it is relatively common to repair a cavity with the use of a filling, that is not the only restoration option to choose from.

Another possible option that someone who has a cavity can consider would be a dental crown. Although the go-to choice for addressing a cavity is to get a filling, depending on the depth and positioning of the cavity, it may be a better solution to have a dental crown installed instead.

Cavity repair: Dental crowns vs. fillings

Although it is not talked about as commonly as a way to fix a cavity, the dental crown is often an option. The process for having a dental crown placed is a bit different than that of getting a filling, but overall when the person is done, they will continue to have a working and functioning tooth where the cavity was located.

However, before even selecting a restoration option to address a cavity, the most important thing to remember is that the decayed tooth tissue does first have to be removed. Once there is no cavity or tooth decay left in or on the tooth, then the next steps would be completed.

After preparing the tooth for the dental crown, the dentist will install the crown over the tooth where the cavity was, and the possibility of food or other particles slipping into the hole will no longer be a worry. The dental crown works as a cap that keeps everything protected, and it also keeps the natural look and feel of the tooth.

When is a dental crown recommended over a filling?

While it may seem odd to opt for something other than a traditional filling, a dental crown may be a better option in certain situations. This depends on how deep the cavity has progressed and the overall health of the tooth. Although it may not be healthy enough for regular eating and daily use, using a dental crown can typically allow for the root to be preserved which is best for the jawbone of the patient.

Are dental crowns safe for fixing a cavity?

Because of how they are crafted and made for each patient, dental crowns can be one of the most personalized options for keeping a tooth that had a cavity in the best shape and health possible. Although it may seem like a lot compared to just having a filling, if the person's tooth would not be structurally sound after having the filling, a dentist will typically suggest the use of a dental crown.

Do you currently have a cavity?

If you have additional questions about a dental crown being used to fix a cavity, we invite you to contact our dental office to set up an appointment as soon as possible.

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