What to Do If Your Dentures Break

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Dentures are part of an affordable solution for missing teeth that is often recommended to those who have lost most of their teeth. Partial dentures are designed for those who are only missing a few teeth.

Dentures are made to be durable enough to withstand the forces generated when biting and chewing, but they are not as durable as real teeth. On average, dentures last about seven years, and there is always a chance that they can break or otherwise become damaged during that period. This article will explore what your options are in such a situation.

Dealing with damaged dentures

Patients should avoid making any repairs themselves, since there is a good chance that they will end up damaging the prosthesis or repair it in a way that compromises their health. It is not simply a matter of applying super glue (which is toxic) to the restoration and putting it back together.

Other reasons that attempting to personally fix dentures is not recommended include:

  • Some household glues can melt the plastic components of dentures
  • Aligning broken dentures can be challenging because any tiny bump that should not be there can lead to discomfort or damage soft tissues, like the tongue
  • Dentures are durable appliances but they can also be fragile; attempting to repair dentures personally can lead to additional damage

One of the reasons that a person’s dentures might become broken is wear and tear from daily use. The stress of regular use, acids in the mouth, and the moist environment slowly damage dentures.

The bone tissue loss that takes place when teeth are missing can also lead to dentures becoming damaged. Dentures that do not fit properly move more in the mouth, creating pressure points and stress that can lead to a break.

How a dentist can help

Broken dentures should be taken to a dentist as soon as possible, so appropriate repairs can be made. In some cases, the person might be able to use a temporary fix to make their appliance wearable. Denture repair kits can be purchased at most grocery and drug stores. They come with dental glue and other things that can be used for a DIY repair. These kits typically will not provide long-term fixes, so you still have to get proper repairs done at the dentist.

Dentists have tools to make most denture repairs, and they can send the prosthesis to a dental lab for more detailed repairs. The dentist can also fit the patient for a new set of dentures if the cost of repairs exceeds or equals the cost of purchasing a new denture set.

Get denture repair

Stuck with a broken pair of dentures? Give us a call or visit our Bellevue clinic to set up an appointment with our dentist. Our dentist will educate you about your options when it comes to denture repair.

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