Common Procedures in Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve a healthier, more beautiful smile. A general dentist can assess your mouth and perform some of the treatments you need. You can also get a referral to another dental care provider for more complex treatments. Here are the common cosmetic dentistry procedures that you should consider.

What cosmetic dentistry is

This field of dentistry combines art and science to improve one’s smile and oral health. The dentist uses advanced technology to make the necessary changes. Proper treatments can whiten, straighten, and reshape target teeth. Discussing the available procedures can determine which one can help the patient achieve better health and well-being.

Porcelain veneers

The dentist can recommend these thin shells for a minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry treatment. Porcelain veneers are for correcting dental damage, gaps, and staining. The procedure can also make teeth look straighter. The dental lab will work with the dentist in creating custom-fit shells.

Preparing the teeth is important for this cosmetic dentistry treatment. The dentist will treat any dental damage first and clean the patient’s teeth. Shaving off a thin layer of enamel from the front side of the teeth will follow. This will roughen the surface.

Shaving off the enamel can also strengthen the bond between the teeth and veneers. The dentist will place the custom shells on the teeth. Shaping and polishing the shells will allow them to blend with the natural teeth. Many people like this treatment because it is less invasive. Porcelain veneers can last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

Teeth whitening

A general dentist can offer teeth whitening to improve the appearance of one’s teeth. It can correct staining from dark-colored drinks and foods. Professional teeth whitening is faster and more effective than over-the-counter teeth whitening products. It can save the patient time, effort, and money because the patient achieves whiter teeth once the appointment is over. Occasional touch-ups can keep the teeth as white and as youthful as when it was first treated.

Clear aligners

Most individuals prefer clear aligners to traditional metal brackets and wires. The transparent trays can put pressure on specific teeth, aligning them in a slow but sure way. This dental straightening system does not involve monthly adjustments from the dentist. Adjusting the aligners will be in the hands of the patient. Changing the aligners every one to two weeks will keep the teeth moving to their proper positions. Wearing them for 20 to 22 hours each day will also maintain the pressure on the target teeth as they straighten.

Dental bonding

If the patient wants a quick and affordable cosmetic dentistry treatment, this is a good choice. The dentist will use dental bonding to restore damaged or discolored teeth. This treatment can also fill dental gaps and reshape teeth. The dentist will clean the target teeth first. Roughening the surfaces of the teeth with a gel or solution can strengthen the adhesion of the bonding material to the treated teeth.

Dental bonding can also treat teeth with severe decay. The dentist will grind out the decayed parts of the teeth first. Cleaning, disinfecting, and drying the teeth will follow. The dentist will apply the roughening gel or solution and then rinse it off. Applying the bonding material to fill the cavity will follow.

Dental implants

Tooth loss can be devastating to a person’s dental health and general well-being. Cosmetic dentistry can replace missing teeth with dental bridges. But the gold standard in dental restorations is the dental implant. This cosmetic dentistry procedure will need surgery and a long recovery time.

The dentist will assess the patient’s jawbone and teeth first. If the patient’s mouth is healthy enough, the implant surgery will start right away. The dentist will recommend bone grafting if the patient has a thin jawbone. The jawbone must heal completely first before the implant surgery can start.

Implanting the titanium rods will begin by cutting into the gum tissue. Then, the dentist will drill implant holes into the jawbone. Placing the titanium rods will come next. The dentist will close up the gum tissue over the rod. Doing so will help heal the area and merge the rod with the jawbone and gum tissue. The process can take four to six months, depending on how fast the patient heals.

The patient will come back for the abutment placement. The dentist will open up the top of the rod, exposing the metal. Attaching the abutment will follow. Then, the dentist will stitch the gum tissue around the abutment area. Healing will take about two weeks. Placing the custom-fit dental crowns will finish the procedure.

Cosmetic dentistry can bring back your smile and dental health

It can be difficult to live with dental problems. Socializing and performing simple tasks can become extra challenging. Having the right cosmetic dentistry treatment can end the discomfort and embarrassment. Working with your dentist can help make your dental restoration last for years.

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