3 Reasons Not to Put Off That Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment Bellevue, WA

Root canal therapy involves restoring the health, function and appearance of a decayed or infected tooth, particularly when the infection reaches the pulp chamber in the root of the tooth. By learning more about the importance of a root canal, you can motivate yourself or encourage someone you love to receive the necessary treatment. 

The purpose and importance of root canal therapy 

A root canal can stop the spread of an oral infection, limit the symptoms of the damaged or infected tooth and prevent tooth loss from occurring.

A root canal stops the spread of an oral infection

An oral infection can spread to other parts of the mouth if it is not controlled and taken care of in a timely manner. A root canal can treat a tooth infection in the root of the tooth by removing the diseased pulp in the pulp chamber, disinfecting the tooth and filling it with a healthy substitute substance known as gutta-percha. 

Patients who put off a root canal or avoid it altogether run a much higher risk of having their tooth infection spread to other teeth and other parts of the mouth. Prompt treatment, however, can treat the infection and keep the tooth and the rest of the mouth healthy. 

The symptoms of deep decay and infection do not improve on their own

There are two primary reasons for performing a root canal. The first is to treat an oral infection. The second is deep decay that is not able to be adequately treated through a dental filling. In both instances, the symptoms are intolerable or at best, incredibly discomforting. 

These symptoms include severe tooth pain, increased tooth sensitivity (especially to hot and cold), and swollen, tender and sore gums. Often, the only way to remove the symptoms is to address the underlying concern through root canal therapy. 

Tooth loss is often inevitable if a root canal is put off for too long

The inevitable outcome of not treating a tooth with severe decay is tooth loss. Although a root canal may not be a pleasant experience, the alleviation of pain and the ability to keep your natural teeth for the long term makes the procedure not only necessary but also worth the experience. Even if the tooth does not fall out, the symptoms are likely to get worse and the oral health concern will become more severe overall. 

Root canal therapy can save your natural tooth in the long term

We encourage you to call our dental team today if you have symptoms of a damaged, decayed or infected tooth. We can guide you through the treatment process and ensure that you get the care that you need to restore your oral health in the long term.

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